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How to choose brake pads?

- Aug 31, 2018 -

The brake system is related to the safety of life, and the brake effect plays a decisive role in the brake effect. Therefore, the brake pads are the protection gods of people and cars. However, as a consumable part, it is necessary to immediately replace the worn parts. How to select more valuable brake pads has also become people's confusion. There may be some misunderstandings in the selection process, so let us explain how to choose.brake disc pad

1,4s shop product is not the original car

4s shop brake pads are not all the original car support, because 4s shop as an after sales, in theory, the product should be produced by the original car manufacturers, but in reality many 4S shop products do not come from the original car supporting manufacturers.

2, the original car supporting products, high imitation occupy the market

The actual auto parts aftermarket, the original assembly is defined as a synonym for high imitation because it carries a variety of car plant logos. The car with the same logo is not necessarily original, and the car logo is owned by the car factory. Currently, the automaker only authorizes its 4S shop or direct interest channel to use this trademark. Therefore, 99% of the after-sales market with auto trademarks is high imitation. Of course, it is also possible that you will buy that 1%.

3, brake pads are permitted by the state.

The state has always strictly controlled the products related to the vital interests of citizens, such as brake pads.

4. The basic requirements for brake pads of automobile plants include the following: 9 indicators: stable friction coefficient, long service life, low noise probability, small wear on brake discs, stable high-temperature braking capability, low thermal expansion, qualified compression ratio, low dustfall, Material environmental protection.