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How to maintain the brake pads?

- Aug 29, 2018 -

1. How much mileage depends on the replacement of brake pads.

The braking effect of a car is ultimately determined by the brake pads, so keeping the brake pads in good condition is the most direct method of maintaining the brake system. Brake pads and brake discs (drums) have a service life and must be replaced when they are worn to a certain degree. Normal use in normal city driving, their life span is about 50,000 kilometers, and the life of brake pads is about 30,000 kilometers. However, the specific situation depends on the operation of the owner, and it is best to check once every 10,000 kilometers.

2, regular replacement of brake oil.

Brake fluids are oils that have a major impact on the brake system, in addition to the brake pads. In particular, care should be taken to prevent the infiltration of moisture. The brake oil should be replaced once every 50,000 kilometers. If the vehicle is driven in a humid area for a long time, the oil change cycle should be appropriately shortened.brake disc pad

3, when the car brakes deviation must be adjusted immediately.

When the car is braked, it is obviously left or right. This is caused by the non-synchronous front-wheel brakes. It is easy to get an accident due to the brake grabbing the left (right), especially when driving at high speed, you must brake immediately to the repair shop. Adjustment.

4, the new car should pay attention to the brake system running.

The new car has a running-in period at the beginning of use, and the indispensable part is the running-in of the brake system. The first 1000 kilometers of the new car is crucial for running in. The braking system also needs to run in. It is best not to have an emergency brake. In order to run smoothly, the clutch must be depressed before stepping on the brakes, but this is only a temporary expedient. After 1000 km, in order to extend the life of the clutch, it is still necessary to “disconnect from the brakes.”

5, Hill Road, downhill taxiing can not often step on the brakes.

In addition to the inspection and maintenance of related components and oil products of the brake system itself, the driver's driving habits have a great impact on the brake system. For example, when the Panshan Highway does not move down, it cannot be braked frequently. This will make the brake pads. (Drum) If you lose heat and lose the brake function, you must hang a low block and use the traction of the engine to assist the brake. At the same time, it must be remembered that the engine cannot be turned off and the engine's vacuum assist is lacking, and the braking system is equivalent to "disabled."