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How long does the brake pad change?

- Sep 03, 2018 -

1. Traffic mileage, we only need to consider whether we need to replace the brake pads when we drive 3 to 60,000 kilometers. The front brake pads will be heavier than the rear brake pads under normal circumstances. You can check the front brakes when checking. The situation of the film. The specific number of kilometers traveled to replace the brake pads varies from person to person, depending on the car, depending on the road conditions.

2. Dashboard, car dashboard will have a brake indicator light, this brake warning light is on, the brake pad is not used, so we must check the brakes in advance, early replacement, do not wait for the warning light Replace it again.

3. Thickness, check the brake pads should not be replaced, to see the thickness of the brake pads, we go to the 4s shop maintenance, let the maintenance master look at the thickness of the brake pads, their judgment is accurate and professional. The new brake pad has a thickness of 37.5px, and it must be replaced when the thickness is 0.5mm.

4 brake sound, we usually drive, when used in emergency braking, if you hear the sound of the brakes and peace is not the same, abnormal sound, harsh sound, then go to the 4s shop to check the brakes , This is generally a brake pad will have abnormal noise.

5. The brakes reflect that if we drive for a long time, we will be very familiar with the performance and status of our car. When we feel that the braking distance is longer and the brakes are not sensitive, we must go to the regular 4s shop for inspection because the brakes are related to driving safety. Must pay attention to it.

6. The choice of the brand of brake pads is also very important. To choose the brake pads produced by regular manufacturers, do not plan to buy cheaper brakes. If you choose poor quality, it is best to select the original brake pads provided by the car manufacturer, and one car is four. The brake pads on wheels cannot be of different brands.