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The use, maintenance and maintenance of the clutch

- Sep 21, 2017 -

1, the clutch must be cleaned before installation, remove anti-rust grease and debris.

2, the clutch can be coaxial installation, can also be sub-axis installation, the axial must be fixed, the active part and the passive part are not allowed to have axial movement, the installation of the shaft, the active part of the axis and the coaxial axis Degree should not be greater than 0.lmm.

3, wet electromagnetic clutch work, must be added between the friction plate lubricating oil, lubrication (1) sub-oil lubrication; (2) oil bath lubrication, the part of the oil immersed in the clutch about 5 times the volume; 3) axial oil supply lubrication, high-speed and high-frequency action should be used when the axis of oil supply method.

4, jaw mounted electromagnetic clutch installation, must ensure that there is a certain gap between the end of the teeth, so that when the idling without grinding teeth, but not greater than the value of δ.

5, electromagnetic clutch and brake for the B-class insulation, the normal temperature rise of 40 ℃. Ultrasonic balance of the working temperature is not allowed to speed 100 ℃, otherwise the coil and the friction part of the easy to damage.

6, power and control lines, the clutch power supply for the DC 24 V (except for special orders). It consists of three-phase or single-phase AC voltage by step-down and full-wave rectification (or bridge rectifier) to get, no regulator and smooth wave power required to be large enough. Do not allow half-wave rectifier power supply.