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The clutch is abnormal

- Sep 21, 2017 -

1, pay attention to whether the clutch slip, causing such a phenomenon for several reasons, the main reason is that the clutch pedal free travel is too small, the separation bearing is often pressed on the diaphragm spring, so that the pressure plate is always in a semi-separated state. Or the clutch pressure plate spring is too soft or broken, clutch and flywheel connected to the screw loose and so on.

2, in the engine idling state, depress the clutch pedal almost bottomed off, to cut off the clutch. Depressing the clutch pedal, feeling the hanger or the gears of the gearshift, or the drive does not lift the clutch pedal, and the vehicle starts to drive, which indicates that the clutch is not completely separated.

3, when the clutch pedal to 3/4, the clutch should be firmly connected, or check the stroke is appropriate, can be measured at the pedal in the ruler, first measured the highest position of the pedal height, and then measured pedal to feel The height of the resistance, the difference between the two values is the car clutch trip value.

4, if the use of the clutch in the process of abnormal sound is not normal. The reason for the failure is the separation of bearing wear serious, the bearing return spring is too soft or broken, diaphragm spring bracket failure.