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The brake pads are the most critical safety components in the brake

- Aug 14, 2018 -

The brake pads are the most critical safety components in the brake system of the car. The brakes play a decisive role in the effect of all brakes. The brake pads are generally composed of steel plates, adhesive heat insulation layers and friction blocks. The heat insulation layer is Made of non-heat-conducting material for the purpose of heat insulation. The friction block is composed of a friction material and a binder. When the brake is braked, it is pressed against the brake disc or the brake drum to generate friction, thereby achieving the purpose of braking the vehicle to slow down. Due to the friction, the friction block wears out gradually. In general, the brake pads with lower cost wear faster. After the friction material is used, it is necessary to replace the brake pads in time. Otherwise, the steel plate and the brake disc will be in direct contact with each other, eventually losing the braking effect and damaging the brake disc.

Semi-metal brake pads, basically all the brake pads in the factory are all of this formula, of course, this type of brake pads are also the cheapest drawings. Such brake pads have a low coefficient of friction and a general friction coefficient of 0.38. Some manufacturers also use this type of brake pad to have a high coefficient of friction. Of course, this is also a disadvantageous and prone to noise. The use of this kind of brake pad on a Japanese car is very easy to generate noise. Of course, this is also inseparable from the brake disc.

Less metal brake pads, this kind of brake pads are slightly higher than the semi-metal. Of course, the performance will be higher. This type of brake pad is a mid-range but is not recognized in the eyes of consumers. In fact, the cost of this kind of brake pads is still very low. High, of course, it is difficult for consumers to distinguish between this brake pad and semi-metal brake pad so it is difficult to choose, which is why consumers do not approve (this formula is suitable for any car)

Aramid copper fiber brake pads, brake pads of this formula are superior to the above two, of course, the price and performance is also high, good manufacturers will add aramid in the brake pads of this formula (aramid fiber as the material of the body armor Very hard). Aramid prices are also very high. In the case of copper and aramid, the service life and braking performance of the brake pads are greatly improved. The others are not well described (This formula is suitable for any car series)

High-end ceramic brake pads: There are many ceramic brake pads on the market, and of course there are counterfeit ones. Ceramic brake pads made by different manufacturers are not the same, and their performance is similar (pictured). Ceramic pads cannot be ceramic materials. Fiber, we all know that ceramics are very hard and wear-resistant, different manufacturers of ceramic brake pads used in raw materials are not the same also led to the price difference between the ceramic brake pads themselves (ceramic fiber 20,000-90,000 price range) also the price difference Lead to the superiority and poor ceramic fiber, of course, this difference can not be discerned in the eyes of consumers, even even the manufacturers are also difficult to distinguish only after use will know better than the poor quality. True ceramic brake pads also contain aramid fibers, which are far superior to brake pads in terms of service life and brake pad performance.