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How often does the brake pad change

- Aug 14, 2018 -

How often does the brake pad change? A: Generally speaking, the replacement cycle of front brake pads is 30,000 kilometers, and the replacement cycle of rear brake pads is 60,000 kilometers. There may be slight differences between different models.

How to prevent excessive wear and tear?
1. During the process of renewal of a steep slope, the vehicle speed is reduced in advance, and the use of a suitable gear and the use of an engine brake in combination with a brake system can effectively reduce the burden on the brake system and avoid overheating of the brake system.
2 The engine is forbidden to extinguish the downhill course. The car is basically equipped with a brake vacuum booster pump. Once the engine stalls, the brake booster pump will not only fail to assist, but will also give the brake master cylinder a great resistance. The braking distance will be Multiplied.
3. When the automatic car is traveling in the urban area, it must be timely oiled regardless of speed. If you close the brakes when you are very close to the vehicle in front, the brake pads will be very depleted and costly. How to prevent excessive brake wear? Therefore, when the automatic car sees a red light or congestion in front of it, it needs to collect oil in advance, which not only saves fuel, saves maintenance costs, but also increases the comfort of driving.
4. When driving at night, when driving from a bright place to a dark place, the eyes need to adapt to changes in light. In order to ensure safety, the speed must be reduced. How to prevent excessive brake wear? In addition, when passing through corners, slopes, bridges, narrow roads, and places that are difficult to see, you should reduce the speed and prepare for braking or parking at any time to prevent unexpected accidents. Driving safety.

The brake drums are equipped with brake shoes, but most people call brake pads to refer to brake pads and brake shoes. Therefore, “disc brake pads” are used to specifically indicate the brake pads mounted on disc brakes. Not the brakes.