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How To Prevent Excessive Wear On Brake Pads

- Sep 21, 2017 -

1, continued the steep slope process, the advance speed will be reduced, the use of the appropriate gear, the use of engine brake with the brake system mode of operation, can effectively reduce the burden on the braking system to avoid overheating of the braking system.

2 prohibit the process of going downhill off the engine, the car is basically equipped with a brake vacuum booster pump, once the engine stall, the brake pump not only does not play a supporting role, but also to the brake master cylinder to produce great resistance, The distance will multiply.

3, automatic car in the urban areas, regardless of speed should be timely collection of oil. If it is very close to the car when the oil on the brakes, brake pads will be very serious loss, but also very expensive. How to prevent excessive wear and tear brake? Therefore, the automatic car to see the red light or congestion in front of the advance to the oil, both fuel-efficient, cost savings, but also increase the comfort of driving.

4, driving at night, when driving from the light to the dark, the eyes of the light changes need to have a process to adapt, to ensure safety, to reduce the speed. How to prevent excessive wear and tear of the brake? In addition, through the corners, slopes, bridges, narrow roads and difficult to see where, should reduce the speed and ready to do the preparation of braking or parking, to prevent accidents, to ensure that Driving safety.