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Clutch Facing And Clutch Button,Deliver To The Guangzhou Warehouse

- May 09, 2018 -

Asbestos free clutch facing speical glass fiber made ready and top quality clutch bronze button with revits together supplied to the same customers in Dubai,UAE.we produce all kinds of cluth facing over  50 types from size 110mm till 480mm diameter since 1994.welcome the customers from world market contact us with detailed materials,sizes for precise offer and delivery terms,our production ability over 300 tons each months for both oem clutch manufacturers in china and world market, and also for after market covering C.V. and CV with great variety of differrent design,welcome to visit us and contact us for latestest catalog! email:   mobile :0086 18605158008;

Clutch button we have full models with different thickness,with high quality fricton and durable lifetime,welcome to collect the test report and samples at any time;