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What is type of brake pad?

- Sep 06, 2018 -

Different brake pads according to the braking method can be divided into two types: drum brake pads and disc brake pads. According to different materials, brake pads can be generally classified into asbestos type, semi-metal type and NAO type (ie no. Asbestos organic type) brake pads and other three.

With the rapid development of modern technology, like the components of other brake systems, the brake pads themselves have been constantly developing and changing in recent years.

In the conventional manufacturing process, the friction material used on the brake pad is a mixture of a plurality of binders or additives, and fibers are added thereto to increase the strength and provide reinforcement. Brake pad manufacturers are often tight-lipped about the use of materials, especially new formulations. Of course, some ingredients such as mica, silica, rubber fragments are public. The final effect of brake pad braking, wear resistance, temperature resistance and other properties will depend on the relative proportions between the different components. Here's a quick talk about several different types of brake pads.