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The principle of the clutch

- Sep 21, 2017 -

For manual gearing, the clutch is an important part of the automotive power system, it is responsible for the power and the engine between the cut and connect the work. In the city road or complex road driving, the clutch has become one of the most frequently used parts, and the clutch is good or bad, directly reflects the level of driving, but also played a protective vehicle effect. How to properly use the clutch, master the principle of the clutch in special circumstances to use the clutch to solve the problem, is the driving manual car models of the riders should master.

The so-called clutch, as the name suggests is to use "from" and "together" to pass the right amount of power. The clutch consists of a friction plate, a spring plate, a pressure plate, and a power output shaft, which is located between the engine and the gearbox to transmit the torque stored on the engine flywheel to the gearbox to ensure that the vehicle is delivered to the vehicle under different driving conditions Drive the wheel of the appropriate driving force and torque, belonging to the powertrain category. In the semi-linkage, the clutch's power input and power output allows a speed difference, that is, through its speed difference to achieve the appropriate amount of power transmission.