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High strength rubber brake lining roll with steel mesh

- Oct 09, 2018 -

Mesh rubber brake lining roll

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1. Suitable and stable friction coefficient

The coefficient of friction is one of the most important performance indicators for evaluating any kind of friction material, and it is related to the performance of the friction plate to perform the transmission and braking functions. Our company adds high temperature friction modifier filler to the friction material to reduce and overcome the "thermal decay" and ensure a stable coefficient of friction.

2, Good wear resistance

The wear resistance of friction materials is a reflection of their service life and an important technical and economic indicator for measuring the durability of friction materials. The better the wear resistance, the longer it lasts. Our company chooses the appropriate anti-wear filler to effectively reduce the work wear of the material, especially the thermal wear, which can prolong its service life. Meet the national standard GB5763-2008 standard.

3, With good mechanical strength and physical properties

Before the assembly of the friction material, it is necessary to perform machining such as drilling, riveting and assembly to make the brake pad assembly or the clutch assembly. In the friction work, the friction material has to withstand high pressure and shear force in addition to high temperature. Therefore, the friction material must have sufficient mechanical strength to ensure that no damage or chipping occurs during processing or use. GRTECH products are suitable for all kinds of mechanical dry brakes. They have low density, good bending strength, high rotary burst strength, stable friction coefficient, low wear rate, stable joint during installation and use, and their comprehensive performance is in line with supporting enterprises. We can design and develop various specifications of friction materials according to customer requirements (samples and drawings).