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Electromagnetic clutch

- Sep 21, 2017 -

Rely on the coil of the power to control the clutch connection and separation.

Electromagnetic clutch can be divided into: dry single-chip electromagnetic clutch, dry multi-chip electromagnetic clutch, wet multi-chip electromagnetic clutch, magnetic clutch, slip electromagnetic clutch.

Electromagnetic clutch work can be divided into: power combination and power combination.

Dry single-chip electromagnetic clutch: coil power generated when the magnetic force "armature" piece, the clutch is in the state; coil power "armature" bounce back, the clutch is in a state of separation.

Dry multi-chip, wet multi-chip electromagnetic clutch: the same principle, the other to increase the number of friction to pay, the same volume torque than dry single-chip electromagnetic clutch large, wet multi-chip electromagnetic clutch work must have oil or other coolant cooling