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GRT1508 Customized High Copper Clutch Plate Lining

clutch plate lining

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GRT1508 customized high copper clutch plate lining

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GRT-1508 our latest researched and developed product, which is made of water soluble environmental protection materials. It uses the high quality glass fiber, acrylic fiber and copper wire as skeleton materials, and our own water soluble resin and rubber as adhesives, produced by unique production process line. It has excellent performance of high temperature resistant, stable friction coefficient and the low wear rate.Our products received high praise by customers all over world and Chinese domestic aftermarket customers .

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If you are a refurbisher or automobile repair shop:

Install clutch facings which will reduce shaking of the clutch, and have a much longer lifetime. Avoid legitimate complaints and inconvenience.

Dissatisfaction of a customer will cause bad recommendations and loss of future customers, but with quality materials you will have satisfied customers who will gladly recommend you.

Solve the problem of clutch shaking, and prolong the lifetime of a clutch disc 2-5 times. Ensure proper operation of the entire clutch, thus cutting your own and driver’s costs.

If you are an end user - the driver:

Determine what kind of material car mechanic has installed. It often happens that you again have to pay the mechanic to remove the gearshift and re-install the clutch disc. Price of the repair is minimal compared to the cost of removing old and buying a new clutch disc.

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