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Rear Brake Shoes And Drums

8-97191-109-0 Rear Brake Shoes And Drums

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8-97191-109-0 Rear Brake Shoes And Drums

some signs brake shoes don't work as well as they should be:

Squealing or rubbing noises

Pulling to one side during braking

Reduced braking power

Ineffective parking brake

Why you should inspect and replace brake shoes

Worn shoes can dramatically reduce your braking system's stopping power and lead to dangerous increased stopping distances. Ignoring worn shoes can also lead to more expensive repairs, such as grooved brake drums that will also have to be replaced. Worn rear shoes will also accelerate front disc pad wear, causing a low brake pedal and delayed braking response.

Brake shoes last an average of 30,000 to 70,000 miles, but you should check them after each oil change to be on the safe side.

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