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F-802 Clutch Plate Material Manufacturers

clutch plate material manufacturers

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F-802 clutch plate material manufacturers

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Technical index and performance, appearance 

1, friction coefficient: the ratio of friction between the two surfaces and the vertical force on a surface. The friction coefficient of the clutch surface is measured at a specific temperature (such as 150 C, 200 C), which can be measured by a fixed speed tester. The stable friction coefficient is an important index to measure the performance of the clutch. 

2, wear: the consumption degree of the clutch facing, the physical index reflecting the wear resistance of the clutch facing by numerical value.

3. Hardness: the local resistance of the solid material to the pressure of the external objects and the characterization is an indicator of the soft and hard degree of the material. The hardness of the clutch facing can be measured by a hardness tester.

4. The strength of rotating blasting: under the state of high speed rotation of the clutch facing, the tension and the force that the centrifugal force can not be destroyed by the centrifugal force are overcome.

5. Stress: additional internal force per unit area. The self elasticity of the deformation of the resistance of the clutch is reflected.

6.Density: reflecting the homogeneity of clutch facing, we can select multiple points on the clutch facing to measure with density meter, which is closely related to the stability of the whole vehicle.

7. Appearance

A. size: measured by inner diameter, outer diameter and thickness, for example, 325*210*4.4, 275*177*3.5 

B. color: dark brown, yellow, dark red, different ingredients and process, color can be adjusted.

C. slot number: 16,18,20 and so on, can be adjusted according to the requirements.

D. pattern: with glass fiber as the skeleton material, the lines are wavy; the joint yarn can see the line of the joint from the lines.

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