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B-551 Glass Fiber Clutch Lining Suppliers

covering yarn clutch facing

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B-551 glass fiber clutch lining suppliers

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Glass fiber Clutch Lining Features:

  1. This product adpots expanded glass fiber with dpecial formula and techniques.

  2. Low cost

  3. High strength

  4. Stable coefficient of friction.

Asbestos Free Clutch Facing with Shrink Package, 2pcs or 10pcs one set

clutch facing with shrink packing.jpg

Automobile friction materials are mainly composed of 3 components: 

(1) reinforced materials (such as asbestos, steel fiber, etc.); 

(2) binder (such as resin, rubber and so on); 

(3) adjusting materials (such as feldspar, graphite, copper fiber, etc.), which play a regulatory role in hardness, temperature and impact strength.

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