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How to know if the forklift clutch plate needs to be replaced?

1. The higher the forklift clutch is used;

2. The forklift climbs uphill and is not strong;

3. After the forklift has been running for a period of time, it can smell the burnt smell of the strands;

4, the simplest detection method is: hang a 1st gear, pull up the handbrake (or step on the brakes) and then start, if the forklift engine does not turn off, then you can directly judge the forklift clutch plate to change.

5, hang a gear to start, feel uneven when clutching, forklift front and rear swaying feeling, pressing plate, stepping, lifting clutch when there is a sense of guilt, need to replace the forklift clutch plate.

6. The metal friction can be heard every time the clutch is lifted. The most likely cause is that the forklift clutch plate has been worn more seriously.

7. The forklift engine can't run at high speed. When the front or second gear engine is low speed, the throttle is suddenly stepped on the bottom, the speed is obviously increased, and the speed of the vehicle is not accelerated. It means that the clutch of the forklift is slippery and needs to be replaced.

8. Some experienced repairmen or drivers can judge whether the forklift clutch plate should be changed according to the difference in feelings of their daily driving.

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