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High Performance Truck Brakes

High Performance Truck Brakes WVA 29151

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High Performance Truck Brakes WVA 29151

GRTECH Industrials,we supply three kind of friction material,like asbestos,non-asbestos and ceramic.To Africa and East-Middle market,asbestos material is the most popular because its cheap price and good performance.To European market,our metallic and ceramic truck brake pads are good choices.However,ceramic brake pads offer a lot of stopping power, even for heavy loads, but price little expensive.Metallic brake pads are less expensive,however, they wear the rotors much faster than the ceramic pads. Refer to back plate,we can supply both 8.2mm and 9.2mm back plate.The type of truck and what it's used for should determine the brake pads that are installed on it.


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